More Flagros for Sale, Saskatoon FVO-400

Taking orders on new ($5100) Diesel fired, new ($5200) Propane/ Natural gas duel fuel.

Wednesday and Friday Deliveries. We can also ship to your town’s Coop or business if they have loading/ unloading capabilities.

We have some very good used units selling for $2500** plus shared freight shipping back to Saskatoon this week, or direct shipping/ Alberta local pickup options available.  Limited quantities on the used flagros due to recent demand.  These are not beat up auction sale units.

(**comes fully tested from our Dealer direct office in Alberta, with 90 day warranty**)


Ask us about our proven method of using these machines (as well as frost fighters) for safe aeration grain drying. The grain dryer system’s secret lies within the temperature controllers ability to set a deadband range, and limit the amount of heat that is going into the bin.

Email us / call us for more information!