Bindapt Adapter Plates - Aeration Fan Bin Adapter

Aeration fan adapter kit, with thermostat for frostfighter, Flagro , ecoblaze, or wacker heater.

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Bindapt Adapter Plates - Aeration Fan Bin Adapter


Patented 2 piece steel universal aeration fan adapter kit.

Fits standard 12 inch Flagro / Frost fighter heater duct tubes, 5 minute setup.

Includes thermostat kit to control propane , natural gas, or diesel heater for proper safe heat regulation.  Custom tuned for 3-9 Hp fans, also have larger adapter plates for more air flow tuned 10HP and above, as well as additions to putting two heaters on the same larger bins.

The combination of thermostat and adapter plates saves on average  $90 of diesel fuel costs per day.

6 page easy to read instruction kit also includes grain drying kit. Located in Saskatoon, but can ship anywhere in western Canada.

Call or email us if you are looking to add a second adapter to do two bins at the same time for discount.

bindapt adapter aeration plate for fronst fighter grain drying


Bin Transitions, aeration fan adapter plate

herman nelson aeration bin adapter

Bindapt Frost Fighter Thermostat

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 9 in