3-10 HP aeration fan Adapter / Bin Transitions

Call for more info, we still have universal adapters in stock to fit Inline or Centrifugal aeration fans.   Adapters for 3 to 10 Horsepower, combined with our Temperature controllers save up to $90 per day on fuel and safely dry your grain.  Our Controller works with Frost Fighter, Flagro, + Wacker Heaters.

Patent Pending,  Designed by farmers for farmers!



We also have new and used Diesel and Propane heaters in stock.

Call / text for more info , located in Saskatoon, Can ship across Canada. – 3068022614

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More Flagros for Sale, Saskatoon FVO-400

Taking orders on new ($5100) Diesel fired, new ($5200) Propane/ Natural gas duel fuel.

Wednesday and Friday Deliveries. We can also ship to your town’s Coop or business if they have loading/ unloading capabilities.

We have some very good used units selling for $2500** plus shared freight shipping back to Saskatoon this week, or direct shipping/ Alberta local pickup options available.  Limited quantities on the used flagros due to recent demand.  These are not beat up auction sale units.

(**comes fully tested from our Dealer direct office in Alberta, with 90 day warranty**)


Ask us about our proven method of using these machines (as well as frost fighters) for safe aeration grain drying. The grain dryer system’s secret lies within the temperature controllers ability to set a deadband range, and limit the amount of heat that is going into the bin.

Email us / call us for more information!





Aeration Grain bin Fan Adapter testing underway

Testing is underway!  This is a heavy duty , universal all steel contructed Aeration bin adapter with 12 inch clip rings attached.  The setup for aeration grain bin drying can be online within ten minutes.  Currently tested on Grain Guard, Flamen, and Balder style inline and side centrifugal style fans, 3-8 hp. The attached test heater was a deisel fuel Flagro 390000 BTU (indirect fired, exhaust out the chimney style ) heater.


herman nelson aeration bin adapter


bin adapter plate


Inquire at 3068022614, or Email us today

Coming Soon: Frost Fighter/Flagro 12 Inch adapter for Aeration fans!

We are currently testing a new product that is a heavy duty interface plate that can adapter to both Inline and Centrifugal side side aeration fans.   This adapter will accept a 12 inch heater sock tube, to allow safe and effective indirect heat to a bin to speed up drying time.  The quick adapter also allows you to move this from bin to bin, with different fan types.


Email or call us for more info!



Put your heaters inside for the Summer!

Spring and summer time is a great time to maintain your flagro/ frost fighter heaters.

Make sure you keep the fuel lines shaded from the sun.   Sun beaten lines will eventually crack and leak.  As the durability of the fuel line changes,  you will notice air bubbles on startup.   Both flagro and frost fighters will not run properly (or make it through its startup phase) if they are sucking air.


Check out some of our Flagro and Frost fighter replacement ends, or ask about our rebuild kits. Winter is only a few months away!…8-sae-brass-ends/

Flagro FVO-400 390,000 btu diesel heater

Like New, Flagro FVO-400 brand heater , located 40 minutes from Regina, 30 minutes from Moose Jaw (near Dilke).

Also, we sell complete flagro head units and all related parts.  If you got stuck with a bad flagro at an auction sale, we can help. Email for more info.



Findlater area, can deliver to Regina or Saskatoon.

42 gallon diesel tank , high efficiency , 350,000 btu. Great for aviation, grain dryers, easily heat your shop or construction spaces, has chimney to vent fumes so that the heater area does not contain diesel smell.

Safe and easy to use. 110volt power.


For sale for $2500,

Heat tubes 12″ x 12′ sold separately. check out other ads for other items.


Text 3062612114 for more info.



19 inch Slim bars

New in Stock, 19 inch 54 watt slim LED bars, great for ATV units, camper lights, etc.

Also works great in front grills due to the slimness and size.

This item also works great as a side mount on farm augers for night grain loading and unloading.

Make your work area safer with more light. This nice little light unit is easy to install.


led light bar
19 inch slim LED light bar